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Anthony Pfaff

Anthony Pfaff

Financial Consultant

As a young child living on the streets and panhandling in El Salvador, I quickly learned the transformational power of being financially savvy and prudent with what God had given. Today, as a Financial Consultant, I draw on those humble beginnings and seek to provide people with the knowledge and background they need to make judicious, long-term investment decisions. I believe each person is entitled to dignity, respect, and the highest quality service regardless of the amount of their savings. I believe that by working together we can help individuals and businesses realize their goals and aspirations.

Prior to becoming a Financial Consultant, I served in the United States Marine Corps and worked at one of the largest mutual fund companies in the world. The experience of the Marine Corps reinforced my work ethic and instilled commitment, dedication, and respect. But it was my experience at the mutual fund company that fueled my passion to help people understand and manage their savings and investments.

When I’m not in the office, I always remember that I’m here today only by God’s grace and because of the love from my parents who adopted me. I have been blessed with an amazing wife, Hannah, who keeps me grounded. Together, we honor our humble beginnings by giving back to the community through a multitude of charities and organizations and delight in the love and laughter of family and friends. CA Insurance License #2054169